In recent years there has been tremendous volatility in the energy industry among industry participants and commodity prices.  Many factors that drive the volatility of energy prices are structural and are likely to persist forever.  Additionally, significant events such as weather, armed conflicts, labor strikes, political uncertainty, and corporate misconduct have added fuel to the fire of volatile energy markets.

For both producers and consumers of energy commodities, the volatility has caused problems with planning, capitalizing, and profitably operating their organizations.  If your organization is at the mercy of volatile energy commodities, Commodity Risk Management (CRM) is an important asset at your disposal.  Whether you currently utilize or have never been exposed to risk management techniques and tools, CRM can help.

You know what the wild swings in energy commodity prices mean to your business.  There are tools and knowledge available to your organization to greatly reduce the impact of volatile energy prices and to even eliminate the risk of insolvency or losses caused by energy price volatility.  Take the necessary steps.  Be proactive.  Contact CRM.